This website is maintained by Lynn McAlister. I have an MA in Scottish History from the University of Aberdeen and am a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (FSA Scot). I have been studying Macalister history since 1997, when I was appointed clan historian for the Clan McAlister of America. I am also one of the historians for the Clan MacAlister Society and I am involved with the Clan Centre in Kintyre.

I live with my husband, adult son and a German Shepherd puppy, and work as a reference librarian and genealogist. I am currently working with the Friends of the Argyll Papers to transcribe the Dewar mss., which contain a great deal of information about the Kintyre Macalisters.


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  1. My name is Dave McIntosh. I am currently the President of Clan Mackintosh of North America.

    As a convener for CMNA, it has always been my goal to be as accurate as possible. Yet, I have to rely on a book written by the tartan industry to sell tartan, not to be accurate. There is, also, all of the misinformation that fills the web. So, I am sending emails to all of the active clans to get an accurate list of their septs or spelling variants.

    At this time, I am contacting as many clans as I can in the UK. Unfortunately, I have found that some US Societies representing the clans have added to their sept list to be all inclusive, rather than accurate.

    Can you please email me a list of your septs?

    Thank you!


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