Sources A – L

In addition to the sources listed below, I have referenced personal correspondence with Captain Ian MacDonald of Kintyre, Scotland (late 2000); Vance McAlister, historian for the Clan MacAlister Society USA (July 2001); Kathan McCallister of North Richland Hills, Texas (July 2001); and Janet McCallister of New Zealand (31 March 1997); more recently, Max Macalister in Australia, of the Strathaird family, has challenged and clarified much of the information I have on that branch of the clan.

Although I have not directly referenced our correspondence, William McAlester of Loup, the current chief of Clan Alasdair, has been enormously helpful and willing to answer all kinds of questions about the clan and its history.

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  • CMS: see Macalister, section 1
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  • “LACHLAN MACALISTER, from the Isle of Skye to the New Colony of Australia: Pioneer of Gippsland” (article?) April 1992. Courtesy of Max Milton Macalister, Melbourne (in my possession).
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  • LC: see Annals of Loch Ce
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